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Sophrology for Pregnancy . . .


Sophrology is fantastic to help you live your pregnancy to the fullest by :


  • Learning many breathing tools

  • Having a better connexion with your baby

  • Living a more relaxed pregnancy and delivery

  • Reducing stress and worry

  • Releasing physical discomfort

  • Visualizing the baby's journey into the world


Sophrology for Labour . . .


It is all about empowering the mother to be, helping her understanding and integrating the changes happening within her body.
Also to connect in a deeper way with baby and therefore to move towards a more peaceful labour.


How . . .


By learning how to breath properly, doing some very gentle movements to relax the body, concentrating and visualising, all the time guided by your sophrologist. 


The Benefits . . .



  • Increase your communication with baby

  • Live a more peaceful pregnancy, peacefully month by month

  • Enabling you to relax quickly and completely

  • Positively accept the changes of your body

  • Improve the quality of your sleep

  • Learn pain management techniques

  • Prepare for labour and the birth of your baby

  • Increase your confidence and become aware of your inner capacities at handling changes and other stresses

  • Learn skills that will help you with parenthood  



When can you start practicing? . . .

The baby’s memory is active from the 4th month of pregnancy. This is when your child to be, will start to experience all of the mother’s emotions.
It is then the best moment to start some peaceful exercises for your well being and the one of your baby.
All in all, Sophrology is a method helping women have more control over the labour pain and stress due to pregnancy.
It does not substitute for the gynaecologist or medical profession.

It is an additional benefit towards a healthier and happier pregnancy and birth both for the baby and his mother




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