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About Me . . .

Aude is a Practitioner of Psychotherapy,  Internationally Certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist, Sophrologist and EFT Practitionner, specializing in the health and healing of the mind, body & spirit on all levels.
She works to SUPPORT individuals (adults & children) in achieving TRUE HEALTH, WELLBEING, SUCCESS and BALANCE in all areas of their lives.
Mother of two,  she was raised in France, has lived in the United States and in Hong Kong for over 25 years.
Throughout her training in Sophrology and Hypnotherapy, she has personally developed and strengthened as an individual as she has learnt specific techniques to assist herself in her life. She is now passionate about sharing these tools and philosophies with children and adults and assists them to grow as individuals and help them unleash their potential. She can help in both languages: English or French.
Sophrology and Hypnotherapy aim to heal the person, reach a deep connection and acceptance of who we are as an individual. It is a development of our person and realization of our goals and aspirations. It  teaches you to act instead of react and unleashes our human potential.  
During each session, Aude will provide the space for you to express yourself, help you to define what your exact needs are and then work with you to tailor the method to your individual needs. You will then be guided through practical exercises based on conscious breathing, concentration, easy body movements and use of her voice that will allow you to free yourself from inner tensions and relax. You will gently build your path of exploration, so that your discoveries help you transform step by step, when you are ready to do so.
- Practitioner of Psychotherapy
Certified Sophrologist
- Certified International Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.
- Member of the International Sophrology Federation
-Certified EFT Practitionner.
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