Feeling stressed, going through some difficult times? Preparing for a special event?
Ready for a happier life, come and discover Sophrology and Hypnotherapy…

Sophrology is a famous European method widely used in France, Switzerland, Spain…
 It is a gentle and safe yet highly effective method that combines Eastern & Western traditions, including breathing techniques, concentration, relaxation, visualisations and simple movements.
Sophrology and Hypnotherapy are personal development methods to reach your potential and to free yourself . 

These exercises are for everyone and easy to use in everyday life. 

What People Are Saying About Me

"My 6 years old son has been diagnosed in the Autism spectrum 2 years ago and has done a massive progress in his social skills and speech, but he was still very anxious by nature. He had various fears, and had trouble to control himself in challenging situations, which sometimes made his life very difficult especially at school. I felt he needed something to help him deal with his anxiety and not only the regular treatment to improve his speech and social skills.  He started Sophrology with Aude in May, and after few weeks, his behaviour improved a lot. He was much more able to express his fears and control his reactions. This helps him have a very good behaviour at school regardless the fact that it is more challenging for him than others. Most of all he is much more relax and happy!  I would have never imagined that Sophrology would have been so helpful! It really brought my son a massive improvement in his behaviour, and I will recommend Aude to everyone!" 
"Our 10 year old daughter was very sensitive to stress and felt judge very easily. She would loose confidence when asked to work, couldn't perform and would not look for help. In only 5 sessions, Aude gave her the tools to relax and to find her own  capacities to face challenges without stress. She has gained confidence and is more happy and balanced in her own life" 

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