Keeping Your Mouth Shut Is Slowly Killing Your Marriage

We’ve all done it.

We’ve kept our mouths shut (sometimes only by clenching our jaw) when everything inside of us is screaming to let our spouse know EXACTLY what we’re feeling and/or thinking.

But there are times when you just don’t want to open that can of worms by saying — “I think you’re an idiot!” Or, “You’ve hurt me so much ... (Again!) ... that I know I’d be better off without you.”

Really, what good would come from saying that stuff?

But here’s the thing — communicating openly and honestly is essential to a thriving marriage. And NOT telling your spouse how you really think and feel GUARANTEES your relationship will be an unhappy one (if it isn’t already).

Now, I’m not advocating that you tell your spouse every raw, unfiltered, fleeting thought, emotion and opinion that goes through your mind.

What I am suggesting is that if you had been truthful the first time you didn’t understand why your mate did something, you might realize they’re not really an idiot for doing it again now. Or, if you had told your spouse how much they hurt you the first time they said or did xyz, you might feel less stored up resentment and be more willing to fix things now.

In my first marriage, I chose to keep my mouth shut.

My ex didn’t seem to hear what I was saying when I tried to tell him how unhappy I was. I felt like I was talking to a deaf man who was only concerned about himself.