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Sophrology column - The cocoon, a gift you can listen to!

I’ve come to realize throughout my sophrology practice that certain exercises are enjoyed unanimously. Whatever it is you’re going through, these enable each and every one of us to find a sense of peace and rejuvenate. So I wanted to give you the gift of an exercise that is particularly popular. You can listen to it at home, alone or with your family, by clicking the YouTube link below. Let yourself be guided by my voice, inviting you to relax. First of all, it’s about taking a moment for yourself, and finding a comfortable spot where you could stay peacefully for sometime. Make sure you won’t get disturbed by your telephone and make the best of this short break during the day or in the evening before going to bed, in order to fully reap the multiple benefits of the recording, which include: accessing a deep state of physical relaxation, getting rid of some muscle tension, reducing anxiety, increasing emotional stability, decreasing the tendency to worry and many more. Wishing you a soothing session! Aude Mahoudeau-Campoyer - Sophrologue +852 6256 0406 /


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