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More and more men and women say that they no longer feel desire towards their partner albeit the deep loving bond that units them. Desire is not just about satisfying sexual needs, it’s a vital energy that brings us together through our senses. It usually takes off discretely, under cover, in the dark, without a word. It’s insidious, ephemeral, loyal, and without it you feel like your couple has been amputated of a vital organ.

So time to feel light again and let ourselves fly away a little. Let’s go sit on a small patch of moon and watch everyone below go by. Watch yourself throughout the day. By taking a step back, you might come to realize that you’re letting a lot pass you by. What is stopping you from feeling desire? What is suffocating your sense of freedom and lightness? Reconnect with yourself and with your senses. By listening to your body, you’ll send a shock wave of desire you’ll be eager to share with your loved one, and likely awaken his senses too!

So here is an easy sophrology exercise to help you reconquer your senses: standing, legs slightly apart, take a deep breath in while crossing your hands on your head. Maintain the pose a few seconds, lungs filled. When you exhale, let your hands slide down in front of you, letting your hands project the image of your body as if they were a mirror. In its reflection, remember the last time you felt desired, remember the sensations that went through your body, the warmth, the fire and maybe the ecstasy. …

Do this exercise without judgment or pre-conceived ideas, these would only hold you back from the goal of awakening your body… In love, there is no time limit for reconquering inner desire, you just have to be able to respect the different cycles of life and accept this naturally fluctuating side of you .

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