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"Be realistic, demand the impossible!" is one of the slogans from the May 1968 student protests that could be heard once again in early October, used in Hong Kong by young protesters who dared to fight for their dreams. When was the last time we ever fought so passionately? The determination and enthusiasm that these young people continue to demonstrate is indeed a breath of fresh air? A new and creative breath that prompts us to look into our inner closets and bring out the project that has been brewing in us for ages!

You know that dream smothered under a thousand and one excuses accumulated over our lives, but that we aren't able to let go despite the passing years. This dream that makes us tremble and that makes us want to dare! How about looking at fulfilling it? This is what I propose today. I invite you to close your eyes, bring out your project before your eyes and visualize yourself going through the steps necessary to make it happen (ideas, funding, contacts, training ...).

Take the time to see the birth of the project and when you are successful, feel the excitement, hear the music, take in the aroma and be dazzled by the light within you. Look at you! Smiling, happy, accomplished!

Enjoy that feeling and let this success spread to the depths of your being. This is the time to connect with yourself, because it is by living what we are made for that we find true joy!

"A lot of life boils down to the question of whether a person is going to be able to realize his fantasies, or else end up surviving only through compromises."

Tom Robbins Aude Mahoudeau-Campoyer, Sophrologist

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