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We do our best to provide a bright future for our children but when faced with their schooling, how can we prioritise? If the desire for knowledge and learning is natural for the child, it can flourish only under certain conditions. Here are 3 stepping stones to help your children develop the joy of learning:

1) Give them the desire to grow up! How? By ensuring your role as guide, valuing life,work, success and joy. It is by seeing all the possibilities life has to offer that they will feel inspired to look to the future!

2) Value their efforts! Do not judge your children's school performance. Our children are not scores on a page! Forget the endless questions on rankings: "What scores did you get today? Do you have homework? "Instead, ask them what they did right and what they are interested in.

3) Allow room for error! Allowing room for error gives them the courage to go after their dreams! Imagine if we were not afraid of failure, all the projects we would undertake. "Our greatest glory is not to ever fall, but to always get back up again when we do."

It is estimated that a child receives four times more negative comments than positive ones. The right motivation is the balance between pressure and letting go! Let's be an example for our children! It is in the home, surrounded by those they love, that they will develop the courage and the joy of learning for the rest of their lives!

"Children have a greater need for role models than critics." Quote by Joseph Joubert

Feel free to contact me if your child needs to boost confidence, calm fears, overcome shyness and improve development.

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