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Who hasn't had a rough night?There are just times when you can’t get to sleep and by the time you eventually manage to do so, after only a short while, you’re up again, wide awake, with black thoughts slipping into your mind. The hours pass by, depression creeps in, and the reality of a hard day ahead takes shape.

Anyone can experience periods of insomnia. The daily grind, children, stress, and even our own body clocks can play on our subconscious and disrupt our sleep patterns. Long-term fatigue from the lack of sleep can subsequently induce additional stress, and sleep related anxiety, which can then lead to chronic insomnia.

Statistics reveal that one in three people suffer from sleeping disorders.But what can one do to sleep better? Here are a few simple and easy breathing exercises to do quietly in bed that can be done over a period of several days or weeks:

The important thing is to count to 4 seconds after each intake of breath:

• Breathe in

• Hold – fill up the lungs

• Breathe out - gently

• Hold – empty lungs and releaseRepeat 5 times

While you lay in bed, try to feel every part of your body, from your head, shoulders, arms, back, pelvis, legs to your feet.

Once you’ve done so, imagine that you are sinking into the mattress, creating a sensation of heaviness. Also, ensure that your environment is warm since heat promotes sleep and creates a state of calm.

Now, imagine putting all the thoughts that prevent you from sleeping into a cloud and blow them away. Focus on your breath and imagine that those thoughts are becoming more distant, until you can no longer see them. If you master these simple techniques, you will improve your quality of sleep.

f you have any questions, which you would like to share in "Chronicle Sophrologist ", do not hesitate to contact me . I would be more than happy to respond.

Aude Mahoudeau-Campoyer Sophrologue au Vitality Center

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