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At the office, it is not only the brain that actually works! And yes, many parts of the body are used and make us feel the physical fatigue. Didn't we say that "I'm sick and tired", "my head is exploding"?

Let me propose to you 4 techniques to relax your body throughout the day.

9 a.m: You are in front of your coffee, it's time to wake up your subtle feeling. Stay straight standing on your feet or sitting, pay attention to your body, then to the warmth of the cup in your hands, to its color, to the sounds around, slowly… Sniff the scent of the coffee and enjoy its taste.

11am: Sitting for hours, your body becomes numb. Stop yourself for a moment to fix your computer and shift your focus on your physical sensations. Adopt an upright position, straightening your spine, your feet stay flat on the floor, release your arms. And find the best position to recover the physical well-being. And then, after listening to your body for a few moments, move your jaw, your shoulders, stretch your arms, extend your legs to let the energy flow throughout your body.

2pm: Your biological clock sets you in nap mode, so oxygenate your brain to wake it up! Focus yourself on each of your inhalations and exhalations. Then inhale a little bit deeper and breath out, like a big sigh of relief. Feel the energy flowing back to you.

6pm: Now it's time to release the tensions accumulated throughout the whole day. Here is a powerful exercise to clear all negative forces. At sitting position, breath out, inhale, hold the air and do a muscle contraction on every part of your body (head, hands, legs, stomach, etc.). And finally breath out to release all the muscles and the worries within.

Repeat 3 times or more! Finally, close your eyes, come back to the present moment and imagine a place that you love, your secret garden and let yourself guided by all the sensations it gives you!

You're now ready to leave the office with positive images and physical sensations of well-being! 'Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay in.' Indian Proverb Aude Mahoudeau Sophrologist at Vitality Center

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